Norwich & Norfolk Wedding Photography Prices

From £595

Three different packages and additional options if required. There may be a small extra charge for weddings further afield.

Norfolk wedding photography packages

Option 1 – Sat/Sun £2095

Monday to Friday £1845

From getting ready to an

hour after the first dance.

Individually edited photographs.

Italian wedding album

12 x 8 (30 pages).

Norwich wedding photography packages

Option 2 – Sat/Sun £1495

Monday to Friday £1245

Two hours before the wedding

ceremony to the first dance.

Individually edited photographs.

Affordable wedding photography prices

Option 3 – Sat/Sun £795

Monday to Friday £595

Up To 4 Hours

Individually edited photographs.

Optional Extras

Pre-wedding shoot £295.

Highlight wedding video £345.

Wedding albums begin from £495.

Depending on the distance to the wedding, a small additional charge for travel and hotel accommodation may be required for further distances. I would confirm the full costs before any booking. There are no hidden extras.

I’m unable to take provisional bookings.


How many pictures will I get?

That’s a hard figure to give as many variables influence the number. What’s the weather like? How many guests do you have? How long am I booked for? Do you want a photography session alone (I highly recommend you do)? Add to this I’ll also be videoing sections of your day.

However, for every hour on average, I’ll normally take one meaningful picture per minute. This depends on what part of the day we are in. So for eight hours of photography, I’ll take on average 8 x 60 = 480 images. There’ll then be some images that aren’t suitable for such reasons as people having their eyes closed etc.

On average, I’ll deliver 375 to over 450 photographs. It’s a hard figure to tie down as you can appreciate.

Do you edit all the photographs or just some of them?

Every image I supply to you will have been individually edited by myself. I use colour-calibrated industry-standard equipment.

Do you do skin retouching?

Skin retouching is a personal and individual requirement for many different reasons. I’ll discuss your needs at your pre-wedding meeting. My normal policy is if it wasn’t there two days ago and it’ll not be there in a few days then I’ll remove it. I do soften brides skin but it is unlikely that you’ll notice this in any obvious way.

If you require anything beyond this, please feel free to discuss this with me.

Do you supply the RAW files?

I don’t. I supply the final edited images as JPG files at their highest resolution after days of work. Photographs are provided at 300 dpi and in the sRGB colour profile. This is the industry standard for prints and the internet. This ensures you can print your images anywhere.

How will the photos be delivered?

After your wedding day and within 24 hours, I like to share two or three teaser photographs online for you to see. I’ll then deliver the rest within three weeks on a USB. Photographs will mostly be in colour and there may be a few black and white. If you want more in black and white, you ask and I can supply them.

Do you take group photographs?

Yes, I do. However, I would caution you against having too many. Some group images are a must-have but you don’t need all the combinations that were taken in the past. I’ve written about this and you can read my suggestions here: What Group Wedding Photographs Do I Need?

Group photographs will be discussed at your pre-wedding consultation.

How far do you travel?

I photograph weddings all over the UK regularly. The price is the same just a small additional cost for travel and hotel accommodation (depending on how far your wedding is). Feel free to ask, I’m very transparent about the costs. I don’t believe in any hidden surprises.

Do you do pre-wedding shoots?

Yes, I do pre-wedding shoots. They depend on how far you are away from me. They normally happen in the evening light three to one month before your wedding.

What is your wedding photography style?

Well, I am mostly a documentary and candid photographer. Most of your day will happen without any input from me. What happens, occurs naturally and my photography will reflect that. I do like to be able to get you alone together once or twice to capture some images by yourself. I ask to get you alone when the light has fallen and I can compose more and influence the results. These photographs tend to be the favourite images of the day.

But, it is your wedding day and I will work with you and your needs. I’m happy to do anything that makes your wedding day better. I am not demanding of you and your time at all.

How do we book you?

Fill in my contact form, send me an email or give me a call/ I need to make sure your wedding date is free first and we can go from there. To ensure your wedding date is secure I need a wedding photography contract and a booking fee of £150 and your date is then written in stone on my calendar.

I/we/us hate having our picture taken, do we have to pose?

I hate having my picture taken so I understand. It’s one of the reasons I prefer a documentary approach to photography for most of the day. You don’t need to pose. Shortly after I arrive you’ll forget I’m even there.

For the more “curated” photographs later, I can get you to do small tasks and play games together so you don’t look posed and stiff. It is all about having fun and enjoying the day. What we do is up to you. I’m happy if you’re happy.

Do you work alone?

Yes, I prefer to work alone, keep out of the way and not interfere in your wedding day.

What happens if you’re ill before the wedding day?

Touch wood, I’ve never been close to being unwell on any wedding day. But, if the worst happens, I’ve trusted colleagues (all experienced professional wedding photographers) who could step in and photograph your wedding at short notice. I offer them the same as a way to negate this issue.

Do we need to feed you?

No, I take snacks along on the day and when you’re eating I’m planning the photography for the evening.

Do you watermark the photographs?

No, wedding photographs are never marked with any watermark or anything else.

What if a camera breaks on the day?

I bring multiple cameras, multiple lenses and flashes to cover this eventuality. If it happens you’ll not even know. Regarding cameras, I use full-frame 35mm professional mirrorless cameras with two memory card slots. I back up your images and video to both cards to negate memory card failures.

Do we have the copyright?

As the photographer, I retain the copyright to the images. What does this mean to you? Not a great deal. It means you can’t sell your photographs or give them to anyone else for money or commercial purposes. But you can make prints, send copies to your family and friends to make prints and make your wedding albums.

If other wedding suppliers ask for wedding photographs please direct them to me and I’ll sort out the details

Find Out If Your Wedding Date is Available

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